7 Jul

O.K., so I went back and looked at my diary, started in 2008, where I said that “My Life Started Now.”  That was in 2008 and now I find myself in 2012, and guess what, I finally did it!  The fact is that what I thought I need to “start my life” then is not what I actually needed.  (Or maybe it is because as you grow you realize that you need different things..?…HHMM) Either way, I made the decision to make a significant change.  That change is what I think I will need.

I’ve decided to join the Peace Corps.  An organization that I believe has the values that I need to be associated with.  It’s hard when you realize that you are associated with things that don’t have the same values as you do. It can bring you down, make you start to really question who you are, or never really develop who you are in the right way.

There is so much nonsense to distract you. Expectations of friends and family, obligations to status, shoot…reality t.v.  All of those distractions stop us, stopped me, from taking the time to think about what I wanted.  What did I want?  To be a change agent. So Here I go!


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