Peace Corps Mozambique: Letters Home!!

After I received my acceptance letter for Peace Corps Moz, I took a long break from writing on this page. Mainly because I wasn’t sure how to start to document what an experience I knew this would be. I also hesitated in putting information up about an experience and having the whole world see it. I am not a writer, not a photographer, not a blogger I am just a woman serving a country and wanting to share what I am seeing and learning. So instead of writing on this blog, I began to write letters home each month. I would e-mail those letters to select group of people instead of posting them for the world. But I think now it is time to let everyone in on my experience. The next posts of this page after all the yummy food will be the letters that I have sent home the past few months and I will continue to post and update with the letters that I am sending home.


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